Nov 7, 2019      News      

Oregon Rep. Cheri Helt announces re-election campaign

Almost exactly a year after winning the race for House District 54, Oregon Rep. Cheri Helt has filed for re-election to defend her seat in 2020.

The Bend Republican will be running for her second two-year term in the state Legislature, after easily defeating Democratic candidate Nathan Bodie, who was in the midst of a sexual harassment scandal.

In a press release, Helt — a restaurant co-owner and former Bend-La Pine school board member — touted her moderate politics and an ability to work with both Republicans and Democrats. Helt broke party lines this spring to lead the charge on a state child vaccine bill, but voted alongside her fellow Republicans on the $1 billion Student Success Act for school funding, calling it an “unfair tax to small businesses.”

“When I ran for the legislature, I promised to be an inclusive and independent voice for Bend,” Helt wrote in a press release. “I believe I have kept that promise — working across party lines, rejecting rigid right-left extremes and working hard for positive change.”

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