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As your State Representative, I’ll be an inclusive, independent voice for Bend. I’ll listen and advance pragmatic ideas for better schools, more job opportunities and protecting Bend’s treasured quality of life,”

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I want to give a special thank you to parents, educators, and the medical community for your testimony today in support of HB 3063 A. Today, Oregon took another step closer in protecting public health from vaccine-preventable diseases.

#YesOnHB3063 #VaccinesSaveLives #VaccinesWork #orpol #orleg
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You are welcome. I came all the way from Madras and spent 2 days in Salem fighting for the medical, religious and now CIVIL rights for ALL Oregonians. Oregon once again took one step backwards, under your leadership. You didnt have to pay me and I am still 100% OPPOSED to HB 3063. Wish that all of your folks who showed up to testify today, you know those pediatricians who not once today mentioned VACCINE INJURY, I wish they as well would have walked with the 3 to 4,000 families at the rally yesterday to SEE the vaccine injuries that no one wanted to talk about today on your side of the fence, yet we know VAERS has paid 4 billion $'s in compensation. That is unethical on their part, and absolutely sickening on yours. Gosh, I will have to be sure to get that name of the St Charles doctor you are sending everyone to who is gonna "take care of them". If you really think there is a doctor out there whose malpractice insurance is going to allow them to write a medical exemption you are even more mistaken than you thought. And once again, the blood of Oregon's children will be on your hands. You just keep singing your praises Ms. Education lady 🙂 My most favorite testimony today was of the superintendent testifying that his small school district will lose $72,000 when his non vaccinated students leave public school, and that could just about close down his district added to all the other cuts you have dished him. He empty the desk of his first student already leaving the public school system to go home to homeschool. But yet, he said, you make him take in ALL of the children in his community.....whether they are citizens or not, no questions asked. He had SO many good points I hope you listen to. And now he has to tell children that they are no longer welcome because they are not vaccinated. You better believe I will make darn sure that there are no retributions for this superintendent as it will not surprise me if he is gone shortly. What a brave man, like all of us who will NOT back down to you taking away our constitutional rights. Hey, are you a Democrat yet? Just curious. 🙂

I am going to be transparent here, and say as I lifelong Oregonian, a tax payer, and most of all a mother- I am beyond disheartened and disappointed to witness the continual overreach our legislators are trying to mandate upon Oregon’s children under the guise of public health. If HB 3063 was about the safety of Oregon's children, you would be legislating safer vaccines for our children, not mandating a product that has not had safety oversight for the past 30 years (1) If HB 3063 was about the safety of Oregon's children, you would be legislating that every vaccine on the CDC schedule go through inert double blind placebo studies like every other pharmaceutical on the market. (2) If HB 3063 was about the safety of Oregon's children, you would be legislating that every vaccine be “evaluated for carcinogenic and mutagenic potential and the potential to impair fertility” as currently every vaccine insert states it has not. (3) If HB 3063 was about the safety of Oregon's children, you would be legislating that all children who have a family history of autoimmune disease, seizures, genetic dispositions to vaccine injury, have a family member who has been vaccine injured or have been vaccine injured themselves, to receive a medical exemption. (4) If HB 3063 was about the safety of Oregon's children, you would be legislating the overturn of the 2011 Supreme Court ruling that the pharmaceutical industry would not be held liable for their product under the 1983 Childhood vaccine injury act. (5) If HB 3063 was about the safety of Oregon's children, you would be legislating the demand of research to find out why 54.1% of our countries children are chronically ill or developmentally delayed or disabled. (6) If HB 3063 was about the safety of Oregon's children, you would be the first to step up to receive all your boosters prior to lining Oregon’s children up. I could go on and on with endless examples, but I digress because… HB 3063 isn't about the safety of Oregon’s children at all. How can we ever heal Oregon’s children if we refuse to admit what is making them sick to begin with? (1) (2) (3) (top of page 6) (4) (see table 4.1) (5) (6)

Pharmaceuticals & Health Products $8,000.00 Health $19,000.00

Give me a break👎🏽 It is clear that you have no interest in serving towards the best interest of children or anyones health.

Cheri Helt for State Representative, where are the testimonies of the hundreds of parents that signed up to testify today and were ignored but your panel was listened to?!? You are not listening to the people. You are not doing your job.

I think I counted one parent that you all recycled from last time but whatever. Thanks for reminding us once again that your loyalties lie elsewhere than with your constituents. You were not put in your position to use it as a place of power for yourself! You were put here to REPRESENT the people. And you have failed.

Time for mass notices of contract liability Oath to uphold the Constitution means you WILL uphold the Constitution....... Recall and notices for all involved in injecting chemicals known to the state of Oregon to be carcinogenic AND for mandating liability free pharmaceuticals that state they haven't been tested for mutagenic, carcinogenic or impaired fertility potentials- NOPE, not today Satan!

you forgot to mention the most important one - a step closer to people loosing the human right to choose! 😞

This is a travesty! Your job is to represent the people NOT the money hungry pharmaceuticals!!!

I wonder why Cheri Helt doesn’t want vaccines to have double blind placebo controlled testing, like every other drug must to get FDA approval. ?🧐 ??


You can keep your schools AND your vaccines! I’m not sure which is more toxic!

Cheri Helt, you will be on the wrong side of history, just like the doctors who advertised which kind of cigarettes women should smoke in order to lose weight, even while pregnant. How horrifying does that sound? Not as horrific as forcing a generation of children to be injected with unsafe, untested, toxic ingredients, at an alarming rate. There will be lawsuits and since the vaccine makers are not liable, those who issued the mandates and those who injects the vaccines, will be the defendants in those multi million dollar lawsuits. You are taking away the basic rights of choice and a free education.

Set to music? How cute! Did you do this special for ESH? 😂

Did you listen to all of the testimony, Cheri, or just the testimony that you cultivated? You honestly don't care about the children who will be harmed by this, do you? Do you think independently at all?

Please get over yourself! This is insane and you know it! Mandating liability free products and the only ones supporting it are those that profit! Get outta here!

No, today Oregon took another step closer to tyranny...

You are the most closed minded person I have ever seen. You choose to ignore anyone who disagrees with you and refuse any dialogue. I cannot wait to vote you out of office.

You left out all the parents that came to speak against this and your fellow senator.

Lawsuits are coming

This is absolutely not an affective Bill!!! NO on HB3063!!!

How do you sleep at night?

This is wrong and you are wrong. This is not freedom, it's evil!

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