Cheri Helt is the leader, with real world small business experience, we need running the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) office, and these are a few supporters who agree!

Groups on Team Cheri:



Christine Drazan

Republican and former Oregon House minority leader running for governor.

Betsy Johnson

Former Democrat state senator running for governor without affiliation to any political party.

Bev Clarno

Former Oregon Secretary of State

“As someone who has served in Oregon politics for over 30 years, you could say I have seen a lot, often as the only woman in the room. Through my career, I have always made a point to be intentionally bipartisan, always looking for talent and expertise above partisan ties. Oregon needs Cheri and more women like her serving in public office.”

Knute Buehler

Former State Representative 

“Cheri Helt is a hands-on small business owner, who understands pandemic exhaustion, the rising prices of food, housing, and fuel, and has firsthand knowledge of the impacts rules and regulations have on employees and employers. Cheri also served as a School Board member and State Representative. Cheri has the perspective and experience to be the much needed voice for balanced policies that Oregon needs and deserves.”

Peggy Kinkade

Former Bend – La Pine School Board Member

“Cheri Helt’s experience as a School Board member and State Representative, combined with her successful real world business experience, positions Cheri perfectly to create opportunities for Oregon students and workers. Cheri focuses on results, not rhetoric.”

Bruce Abernethy

Former Bend City Councilor

“I am a proud supporter of Cheri Helt because she does public service for the right reasons. Cheri is a passionate and fearless leader, she asks the right questions, and works tirelessly to make our state better. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cheri over the years in her various roles as State Representative, Bend-La Pine School Board member, and other personal, professional, and volunteer capacities. I look forward to the continued positive impact Cheri will bring about for Oregon.”

Lt. Colonel Dick Tobiason (RET)

“Cheri Helt is an effective leader, who can create opportunities, in everything she does. Cheri honors and respects our veterans, a true commitment I have experienced while working with Cheri for many years.”

Anna Scharf

State Representative, HD 23

“As a 4th generation family run farm with 20+ employees, we have seen the effects first hand of the overreach by BOLI during the pandemic. Bureaucrats crafting policy with no clue as to the actual impact to the businesses. Every business is different and broad stroke policies with little to no thought are nothing but harmful. Having a Labor Commissioner who is also a small business owner and who has actually signs the front of a paycheck will make for better policy decisions.”

Additional Leaders on Team Cheri:

Cliff Bentz, Congressman OR-02
Jeff Barker, former State Representative
Shelly Boshart Davis, State Representative, HD 15
Daniel Bonham, State Representative, HD 59
David Brock-Smith, State Representative, HD 1
Jeff Kropf, former State Representative
Julie Parrish, former State Representative
Kim Wallan, State Representative, HD 6
Ben West, registered nurse, Wilsonville City Councilor

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