Cheri Helt is the moderate leader Bend needs, and these are a few supporters who agree!

Bev Clarno

Oregon Secretary of State

“As someone who has served in Oregon politics for over 30 years, you could say I have seen a lot, often as the only woman in the room. Through my career, I have always made a point to be intentionally bipartisan, always looking for talent and expertise above partisan ties. Oregon needs Cheri and more women like her serving in public office.”

Gail Fridstein

“Bend and Oregon need courageous, caring, and independent leadership: That’s why I support Cheri Helt. As a registered independent, my views don’t always fit nicely into the labels of either major party and neither do Cheri’s.

Deb Goodall

“I’m a Democrat, my husband Tom, a Republican. We both admire and appreciate Cheri Helt’s moderate approach to issues.”

Jeff Eager

Small business owner, former Mayor of Bend

“Im supporting Cheri because she has real world experience in small business and as an employer. Cheri understands Bend and what makes our local economy tick.”

Rev. Dr. Steven Koski

“Cheri is a leader with a servant heart who seeks to do what is most important. Cheri reaches across the aisle collaborating with others to do what’s right and what is best for the common good. As a leader in the faith community, I am grateful for Cheri’s track record of being a champion fighting for the well-being of children and youth. You can count on Cheri standing up for those struggling with mental health issues and the most vulnerable in our community.”

Ruth Williamson

Independent spirit and open mindedness is what Cheri Helt brings to the work of our state. Her history on our school board, as a State Representative, her success as a business leader and her character as a person give me this confidence. I trust Cheri. I know where her values are. While we might not agree on every issue, I know Cheri will work diligently across party lines to create smart solutions within the legislature. I am proud to support (again) Cheri Helt for State Representative.”

Bruce Abernethy

Bend City Councilor

I am a lifelong Democrat – and – a proud supporter of Cheri Helt, because she does public service for all the right reasons. Cheri is a passionate and fearless leader, she asks the right questions, and works tirelessly for our students and to make this a better community. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cheri over the years in her various roles as State Representative, Bend-La Pine School Board member, and other personal and professional capacities. I look forward to the continued positive impact she’ll bring to Bend and Oregon.”

Chris Piper

Bend City Councilor

“I wholeheartedly endorse Cheri Helt’s re-election as our State Representative. As a Bend City Councilor, I see how Cheri’s experience on the Bend-La Pine School Board, and as a downtown business owner, give her unique tools and context to be an effective advocate and lawmaker. Cheri Helt is the partner in Salem we need to move Bend forward.”

Patti Adair

Deschutes County Commissioner

“Cheri Helt is the leader we need in Salem for Bend. I admire her strength in her values, though we do not always agree, and I appreciate the experience and perspective Cheri brings to the elected office of State Representative. Cheri is smart, dedicated, compassionate, and listens to all sides of an issue, and I am proud to endorse her.”

Bill Moseley

Bend City Councilor

“As a small business owner and Bend City Councilor, I fully support Cheri Helt’s re-election for State Representative. Cheri Helt and I don’t always align politically, but Cheri’s independent leadership and solutions-based approach are qualities and abilities we need for Bend in Salem.”

Ron Gallinat

Former Bend – La Pine School Board Member 

During my time on the Bend – La Pine School Board we had diverse members with different backgrounds and ideas, but we were always able to come together to solve problems for our students thanks to members like Cheri. It was an honor to serve alongside Cheri because her first concern is for the kids, and that’s always risen above partisan politics.”

Amy Tykeson

I endorse Cheri for two main reasons. First, she has a track record running a successful business; that practical business experience is needed in Salem. Second, with over 8 years on the Bend-La Pine School Board, she understands how to fix Oregon’s schools to get better outcomes for kids. Cheri is making a difference in Salem for Oregon.” 

Peggy Kinkade

Former Bend – La Pine School Board Member

I can’t think of anyone more highly qualified or motivated to represent Bend than Cheri Helt. I voted for Cheri in her first election for State Rep and will be voting for Cheri again because she’s exactly the person who will be working hard to bring our children and students endless opportunities.”

Julie Craig

Bend – La Pine School Board Member

Cheri Helt fights for education, gets more dollars to the classroom, and she can enrich the lives of all students across Oregon. I know this firsthand because we served together on the Bend – La Pine School Board and worked together on issues during her first term as State Representative. I’m proud to support a strong female leader and champion for students for State Representative. I am proud to support Cheri Helt in her re-election.” 

Kyle Frick

Bend is a special place with unique challenges and opportunities, and we need someone in Salem who understands those complexities. We need Cheri Helt’s experience, passion and leadership to advocate for Bend.”

Dr. Stuart Young

Bend – La Pine School Board Member

In my more than 40 years in education I have realized all learning systems need exceptional leaders. Cheri is exceptional because of her dedication, understanding of state school finance laws, and relentless efforts on behalf of children. Cheri is principled while willing to listen and always puts the best interest of children first.”

Beth Irish

Cheri’s unwavering work ethic is why I am proud she represents Bend in Salem. I like her “no-nonsense” and grounded approach to the issues we face locally and statewide.”

Amy Lowes

Registered nurse, community activist

Cheri embodies the grit and bravery to work through the partisan gridlock we face today. As a reputable business owner, mother, and school board member, Cheri has a proven track record of investing in Central Oregon. She possesses the combination of deep intelligence and compassion of a true leader that our state and community need right now. I’m proud to be represented by Cheri in Salem.”

Sue Hollern

“Cheri is a proven leader, tested moderate, and strong female leader. Cheri defies labels as an independent thinker with small business experience who is pro-choice. I am a proud Democrat who supports Cheri as Bend’s State Representative.”

Tony DeBone

Deschutes County Commissioner

“Housing prices are pricing many residents out of Deschutes County. Cheri Helt knows the issues, the opportunities, has the leadership skills and the experience needed to be an effective advocate for affordable housing.”

Brent Landels

“Bend needs Cheri. We need Cheri to continue advocating and fighting for our community, our students, and our local businesses. Cheri has unique experience, and leadership skills, as a former Bend – La Pine School Board member, small business owner, and respected community leader.”

A.J. Tyvand

“Cheri is experienced, capable, passionate, and committed to improving Oregon’s education system kids like mine in grades 3, 4, and 5. Cheri works tirelessly and selflessly to ensure their safety and well being as students and as young Oregonians. I am proud Cheri is my State Representative.”

Scott Wallace

“Cheri is a longtime education leader, hardworking mom, and successful local business owner with a proven track record. Cheri understands Bend, and more importantly, how to address our unique issues and leverage our unique opportunities. Experience matters and Cheri’s got it.”

Dr. David Coutin

Retired Pediatrician

“Rep. Cheri Helt has the temperament, the skill, and the demonstrated history to continuing serving as our state legislator. Cheri has been an effective champion of bipartisan legislation because she listens and seeks to understand all perspectives. There is no better representation for House District 54 today, than Cheri Helt.”

Katy Brooks

“I support Cheri, because now more than ever, we need a State Representative who sets aside politics to best serve the people of Central Oregon.”

Nori Juba

Former Bend-La Pine School Board Member

“I served with Cheri Helt on the Bend-La Pine School Board. During that time, we challenged the district, raised expectations, and focused on relevant learning. A couple positive results, f many, were the 10% graduation rate increase and implementation of new school safety measures. Cheri’s dedication is everlasting and why she continues to have my support.”

Erick Petersen 

“I am a Democrat. The one thing I put above party is leadership and that is why I will be voting for Cheri. Leaders are open minded, open heartened, transparent, and not afraid to make hard decisions. Cher is a leader and has represented all of us in Bend.”

Andrew Davis

“Cheri Helt is in a unique position to help us all manage and recover from COVID-19 as safely as possible. Cheri draws on her vast experience and perspective as a working Mom, longtime local businessperson, former Bend – La Pine School Board member, and our current successful State Rep. What I also admire about Cheri, is that she has experience enough to know she doesn’t know it all and seeks to learn and understand views and perspectives that can add value to the conversation.”

Lt. Colonel Dick Tobiason (RET)

“Cheri Helt is an effective leader who honors and respects our veterans. I have had the pleasure of working with Cheri for several years on various projects to support veterans and servicemember families in Bend. Though firsthand experience, I know Cheri and trust her to continue serving Bend and veterans well.

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